Reference Search, Yahoo! Research - 2007

Wireframe for a disamgiguation page for the term "apple".

I designed the interfaces for an experimental system that our lab was developing which analyzed the user’s query in order to determine its nature and present relevant results from trusted sources including encyclopedias and specialized resources (demo used Wikipedia). If the query contained a famous character’s name for example, the system would provide results with related people, concepts related to this person (eg. Art, Cubism), a timeline of events in his life, a map of world locations relevant to this person, and news related to this character. Related people and characters were displayed as dynamic network graphs. I developed a navigation scheme with swiping panes to be consistent with other Yahoo! websites. Below is a screenshot including visual design developed by myself, with a sample page for a “Dinosaurs in Argentina” query. You may click on the image for full-size view.