La - Website Redesign - 2002

La is Chile 's most visisted online newspaper. In 2002, the publiher wanted to install a new content management system (CMS) and create a series of advanced features to take advantage of the new plattform and stand further apart from La Tercera's competition.

News articles include links to monographs on countries and characters mentioned in the story and to related books offered by affiliate vendors.

I was hired to design these advanced features, which lead to the creation of an encyclopedic taxonomy that could support not only the contents of this newspaper but, eventually , the rest of the media published by the parent company.

Some of the tools developed during this redesign were:

One of the design challenges in this projects was to deliver access to the huge archive on the database. The advanced search interface I designed allowed the user to filter the seach query by time period, publication, and taxonomical category. This image shows the top part of the results page (from the wireframe document), with the tools to refine the search.

The site has since undergone some minor cosmetic changes and new sections have been added, it can be seen at: