Here are some of the articles I've written, most related to the field of Information Architecture and the Web. I also have a completely different list of articles written in Spanish.

A Study of Mobile Search Queries in Japan (PDF)

Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Georges Dupret, and Javier Velasco.

Descriptive Web Mining study of Mobile Search in Japan.
In Query Log Analysis: Social and Technological Challenges, at 16th World Wide Web conference, May 2007, Banff, Canada.

The Experience is the Message

This article presents my basic arguments for why I believe that the field of Communication is a useful and unerused resource of theory and methods to be applied on Information Architecture. It was presented at the 6th ASIS&T IA Summit, March 2005, Montreal, Canada.

Available in Web format, Print version (PDF 300 KB), and Slides, (PDF 300 KB) also, my Pictures of the Summit

Information Architecture and Communication

Presentation at Conference, describes the fundamentals of Information Architecture and how this can be compared to the field of Communication.

September 2004, Toronto, Canada.

Download PDF Slides 611 KB, Pictures of the event are also available.

The User Experience from Design to Use, and Back: A Causal Model

Developed with Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, this tries to solve the question about the relationship between Information Architecture and Usability, by presenting them in a causal model.

This material was originally presented as a poster at the 5th Information Architecture Summit, it has been adapted to letter-size pages for print.

Download PDF 145 KB

Information Architecture & Social Communication: Twins?

This document discusses a series of similarities between the disciplines of Information Architecture and Social Communication that I've found during my career - latter being my formal background.

It was originally presented as a poster at the 5th Information Architecture Summit, this version has been adapted to letter-size pages for print.

Download PDF 139

The User's META Experience

This article describes the main problem I researched years ago while woking on my thesis, these questions seek to collect experiences of people who's lives have been changed thanks to the Internet. It's an invitation to share your experience.

Published at - 07/25/2001

MIT joins the "Open Source" philosophy

Brief note announcing the free publication of the academical articles published by this prestigious institution.

Published at - 04/05/2001

Page Title Labeling

Article discussing the relevance - often forgotten - of page titles as an integral part of the Labeling Systems in Information Architecture.

Published at - 03/20/2001

Breadcrumbs for the sake of Users had published a series of articles about how to develop breadcrumb navigation systems, I added to the series discussing why this is useful.

Published at - 01/03/2001

The Lexia Project

Brief note presenting an interesting project that is developing a method to enhance the readability of text pieces.

Published at - 10/14/2000

Web Architecture / Internet Architecture

Article discussing differences between Information Architecture as a conceptual discipline and the technical aspects of Internet Architecture.

Published at - 05/31/2000

Combining Colors

Introduction to the development of color palettes, for people not familiar with visual design.

Published at - 06/26/1999