: fotos: IA Summit 2004

Fifth Information Architecture Summit, Austin TX 2004

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Have you seen prouder parents?

Mary Jean & Lou, with their beautiful baby Iris Rachel.

Dick Hill opening Brenda's wonderful keynote.
A crowd staring at a screen of a crowd looking at a guy interacting with a puppet on a screen.
Marianne Gouge, Chris Chandler
Two of our notable IA academics: Nancy Kaplan and Andrew Dillon.
Sharing some keynote impressions. Peter Merholz, Lane Becker, Brenda Laurel

Say cheers!

Christina Wodtke, Lou Rosenfeld

Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies and Ontologies panel.

George Olsen teaching us how to empower our Personas

Sarah Rice
Dick Hill, Mags Hanley, Shelley Price
Digicam fooling...
Peter Van Dijck, Donna Maurer, Todd Warfel
The great Keith Instone showing us his faceted computer finder
IA gang sign lives
Samantha giving a lesson in courage: how to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
Introducing the IASlam...
Dinner in Austin...
Marisa Callagher, The Use of Narrative in Interactions Design

Brad Allen: 2003 Dublin Core Conference: Building Metadata-based Navigation Using Semantic Web Standards

IA Slam: time for the results.
The IA Slam winners, cheers!

Jess McMullin, Peter Van Dijck
Me (Javier Velasco - Chile), Lívia Labate (Brasil), Peter Van Dijck (Holland) - AIfIA Internationalization Initiative
Karl Fast, with a roomfull
At some point in the road to wisdom, you stop needing shiny-shoes to impress the audience.
Panel on Design methods and IA: John Zapolski, Victor Lombardi, James Spahr, Jesse James Garrett
Jesse James Garrett also got a very packed room.
  • Plane tickets: $260
  • Conference registration: $150 (for presenters)
  • 4 nights at Hotel San Jose: $480
  • Your partners in the front: 2 beers each
  • Having someone in your audience drop her jaw open: PRICELESS!

...nice job PeterMe !

PeterMe in mid-show
Nobuya Sato (Japan), Lívia Labate (Brasil) - AIfIA Internationalization Initiative
Me & my dutch friends Jacco Nieuwland & Peter Boersma
PeterMo opening the madness
oooohh, it's about to end
Shooting at the crowd, not without being shot back! (James)
Let's give an ovation to Mike Lee for his great pics and for taking the burden of being the official photographer.
Dan with two handfull of books
Our great host Mags
Dan Willis in his 5 min madness.
Clifton Evans in his 5 min madness. oh boy!, if I could only have his speech abilities.
Frank Ramirez, five minute madness

AIfIA Advisory Board (incomplete): Javier Velasco, Lívia Labate, Keith Instone, Jeff Lash, Gene Smith, Vivian Bliss, Peter Merholz, Samantha Bailey, Peter Morville, Jesse James Garrett, Jess McMullin, Louis Rosenfeld, Joanne McLernon


Feel free to leave your comments on my blog! (o si prefieres, en español) : fotos: IA Summit 2004