Monumento Natural El Morado

El Morado is a massive mountain in Chile’s central Andes, it located near Santiago, in the high part of El Cajón del Maipo.

You can reach the base of El Morado through a valley, where the Natural Monument (protected area) starts. This valley has springwaters, a lagoon and a glacier. This is located in a town called Baños Morales, there´s a Conaf checkpoint where you pay a modest fee, and start a 3 hour climb that will take you to the base of the closest glacier to Santiago, and the middle of a breathtaking glacial valley.

In spring the place is bursting with native flowers. The valley is also full of birds, from ducks in the lagoon, tiny yellow ones, and birds of prey, falcons, eagles and sometimes a Condor.

I like that little round cloud in the middle of the sky…

Right side of El Morado, the main path for climbers who attempt climb this mountain. There’s actually a climber in this picture, but he only looks like a black vertical dot in the low part of the snow. I don’t blame you for not believing me, but I know he was there when I took the picture.

Standing on the glacier’s morraine, the whole valley below. The diagonal lines of the landscape were surreal.

On the way back to the car, sun is setting, some striking shadows across the Maipo valley, in Lo Valdés.

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