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DEADLINE APPROVED. THANKYOU ON YOUR RECORDS! The selection procedure is now underway. Champions will soon be announced with this site in November. First prize winners will soon be asked towards the honor ceremony to become used in China. Prepared by The Goi Peace Base and UNESCO Endorsed from the Ministry of Education, Tradition, Activities, Science and Technology of China Japanese National Fee for UNESCO, China Private High-School Federation Tokyo Metropolitan Panel of Education, China Broadcasting Company, Nikkei Inc. Reinforced by FELISSIMO CORPORATION As young adults are very important for the shaping of our future, it’s imperative they are empowered to build up to their full potential. UNESCOs aim would be to assist enable people that are young and ensure that their contributions are taken into consideration. This annual essay competition is sorted within an attempt to harness the vitality, creativity and project of the planet’s youth in promoting a culture of tranquility and sustainable development.

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It also seeks to stimulate community to take into consideration how we each can make a distinction in the world also to understand from your small heads. On the celebration of the final year of the Un Decade of Training for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), the topic with this years competition is My Function being a Citizen of Earth. "Our Position as being a Resident of quot & Planet; While in The large universe, we were blessed with this globe called Earth, where various civilizations and countries, all existing issues, and all of dynamics exist together. Nonetheless, inside our world nowadays, we face numerous issues– many more, resource exhaustion, wars and clashes and ecological devastation –which make our future doubtful. With all this circumstance, what do you consider is the way that is better for humankind? How will you desire to match your part as a homeowner of World? * 1st award winners will be asked to the award service in China. (Journey costs will be covered by the organizers.) * Extra accolades (Acceptance for Effort, Greatest Institution Merit, School Incentive Award) will be given if applicable.

Scrapping helps their thoughts are preserved by a lot of people in special and enjoyment methods.

* All prize winners will be reported in November 2014 to the Goi Peace Base website ( and UNESCO site ( Presents and certificates is going to be mailed right here for the champions in November 2014.

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