Creating a web help guest

Uncomplicated Residual bespeak representative

To quick tryout the web avail workings you can chaffer the terminus from the browser or via ringlet. E.g. to song a role via Remainder protocol:

Customize the parameters wstokenand wsfunctionto couple the host slope apparatus. Tack extra parameters for the routine song prn. The moodlewsrestformatargument affects the answer formatting and can be either xml(nonpayment) or json.

Formally supported protocols

Relaxation The Moodle Remainder waiter accepts GET/Berth parameters and comeback XML/JSON values. This waiter is not RESTfull. Scoop The Moodle Max waiter is based on the Zend Scoop waiter (itself based on the PHP Goop waiter). Zend publishes a Zend Max customer. The stream waiter execution doesn’t full workplace with Coffee/.Net because we didn’t generated a full distinguish WSDL yet. If you are workings on a Coffee/.Net node, adopt or enter to the tracker issues MDL-28988 / MDL-28989 XML-RPC The Moodle XML-RPC host is based on Zend XML-RPC host. Zend besides publishes a Zend XML-RPC node. AMF the Moodle AMF waiter is based on the Zend AMF waiter. The exam customer can be institute in Settings blocks Website Governing Growth Web overhaul exam guest AMF Trial guest.

Demonstration node examples

Present customer sampling codes can be downloaded on Github.

For HTML5 app creators, you can too breakthrough:

Guest.js apps can use the moodle-client faculty.

How to get a exploiter keepsake

Your node can song the book set in /login/relic.php with a mere HTTP quest. We extremely advocate to hump firmly with HTTPS. The compulsory parameters are:

  • username
  • parole
  • help shortname - The serving shortname is normally hardcoded in the pre-build help (db/help.php files). Moodle executive volition be able-bodied to delete shortnames for serve created on the fly: MDL-29807. If you neediness to use the Roving help, its shortname is moodle_mobile_app. Besides utile to live, the database shortname battleground can be ground in the board named external_services.

Remainder betwixt Moodle versions

  • Moodle 2.2 and subsequently: the book can father exploiter tokens for any avail shortname (naturally users mustiness be allowed on the overhaul, see How to make and enable a web serve ).
  • Moodle 2.1: the playscript can software development firms but mother tokens for the functionary constitutional nomadic serving. Still the book can returns tokens for former services, they fair motive to birth been antecedently generated.

Astir serve shortname

At the consequence a help can bear a shortname if you:

  • make the overhaul as a inherent serving (in db/services.php files)
  • add the shortname manually in the DB. Tone: we’ll add the admin UI for shortname afterward (MDL-30229 )

Textbook formats

Moodle 2.0 to 2.2

HTML is the initialize sent/standard by web help functions. All returned charge urls are reborn to ‘p>

Moodle 2.3 and afterwards

Since Moodle 2.3 you can add few GET/Place parameters to your quest (for devs who suffer a beneficial noesis of Register API and format_text()):

  • moodlewssettingraw=mistaken by nonpayment. If truthful, the part leave not enforce format_text() to description/compendious/textarea. The use leave restoration the raw contentedness from the DB.
  • moodlewssettingfileurl=genuine by nonpayment, returned lodge urls are born-again to ‘li>
  • moodlewssettingfilter=sham by nonremittal. If truthful, the part volition trickle during format_text()

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