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Java today is amongst the most sought programming languages from the developer, programmer around the globe. Java platform is being used for development of all form of rich applications in phone, tablets, desktop, speakers & other IT enabled software. Thus demand for Java developers has risen in the market & most people are jumping on the bandwagon to secure the position of Java developer. So if you are also inside the race & will certainly face a technical Java interview questions during recruitment such as the know best places to search for the basic Java interview questions then complete ready reckoner guide will be here for you.

We can proudly admit we of proper developers has always created solutions that will make a positive change and gives only the sort of application development that our industry is trying to find. The various tools that are used in developing kinds of Java technology applications include popular and handy frameworks for example struts, eclipse, JDBC, J2EE, J2ME etc. Java can be extensively utilized to create different varieties of applications for your web including ecommerce, dynamic websites, blog, shopping cart application etc. In lots of ways Java is certainly deemed better quality and reliable than other platforms.

A leading smartphone application development companies in india outsourced company like Aegis knows the true strengths that Java offers so we are always striving to take advantage of its potential completely. Java is without question vast nevertheless the sort of opportunities and flexibility it includes to experiment does give our programmers lots of room where they could think out-of-the-box and design solutions which are apt for clients. Aiding them in this process can be a number of frameworks that Java is recognized for plus they assist in simplifying the procedure by a number of different functions. There are two particular frameworks that are extremely well known in terms of developing unique and innovative ecommerce applications and so they are Apache OFBiz and Broadleaf Commerce.

The Apache Open for Business Project is quite known as a wide open source platform that enables automation of enterprise software. It does provide a massive amount functionalities that makes it a whole lot of more desirable for creating complex enterprise Java applications. It is an ideal tool to help businesses streamline their processes and add lot of clarity and transparency with their business modules. This particular open source software can be useful for more ways than one by offering numerous interesting features. Some of these features include comprehensive treatments for product catalog and facilitating the simplicity promoting and marketing of business inside the right manner. The software now offers complete content management thereby giving control the organization to publish and manage this article accordingly. Besides which it also smoothens the operation of customer management, pricing management and data warehousing management.

Not only Web application however it is widely used to formulate mobile application. It provide best platform to build up diverse, powerful, full-featured applications for BlackBerry Smartphone. It offers software development methodologies including CASE tools which give great facility to effective execution of Java application development. In the Blackberry Application Development, JAVA plays significance role to formulate custom application, which runs easily on Blackberry.

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