Comprehensive 20: Web Scheduling

Due: Wednesday, February 8th

This appointment is deserving 10 points. You mustiness work this naming singly.

Spell this is a preferably unproblematic grant, it serves two crucial purposes:

  1. Use HTML5 and CSS.
  2. Assistant you piece a personal portfolio: whether you are looking an chance (internship or full-time subsequently commencement) or retain with alumna shoal.


Victimisation lonesome HTML5 and CSS, you are to make tercet (3) personal web pages:

survey.html - Your sketch. It shall admit the next sections:

  1. Wide-cut describe or address (if you are not well-heeled with providing your indistinguishability). Significant: For concealment reasons, delight do not name your addresses or telephony numbers.
  2. Didactics
  3. Master Receive. For apiece job, listing accomplishments. Use the past-tense if you no thirster sour at the job; in the present-tense if you are presently employed at the job. Use bullets-points, an unranked number.
  4. Skills (e.g. programing languages)
  5. Activities that are related your subject or employment

bio.html - A brusque life of yourself. This can be substantial or fictive (e.g. for FERPA reasons)

exponent.html - Your personal homepage. This paginate is accessed by p

  1. Your epithet –real or sham (e.g. for FERPA reasons)
  2. A pic of you –real or pretended (e.g. for FERPA reasons)
  3. A connection to your survey
  4. A tie-in to your myopic life

Your moldiness too birth an power.html varlet hosted in your Tufts CS history that redirects to your real site on GitHub. Illustration: p


You moldiness cling to the pursuit guidelines:

  1. All HTML pages moldiness walk the functionary HTML5 specifications via li
  2. You moldiness use leastwise one (1) CSS charge. The CSS charge, or one of the CSS files, mustiness bear leastways 5 rules
  3. All CSS files moldiness qualifying term paper writing service the functionary CSS substantiation via li
  4. You cannot use frames.
  5. You cannot use any styling constituent for any aim (e.g. solid, em, face, mall ). All styling mustiness be outlined in CSS.
  6. You cannot use any styling property in elements (e.g. h3 coordinate=gist ).
  7. You cannot use downright URLs for images.
  8. You cannot use front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  9. You cannot use early masses’s CSS files.
  10. You cannot use JavaScript (or jQuery for that weigh; considering we let not covered JavaScript yet!).
  11. All register names moldiness be in minuscule and lone [a-z0-9_.] characters can be victimized for charge names (cosmopolitan measure). That is, do not use whitespace in lodge names!
  12. All capacity mustiness be stored in your especial repo YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME headmaster leg, of your GitHub history.

Acquiring Started

Delight do the Git lab commencement.

You moldiness produce a limited repo nether your GitHub story. Delight learn p

The README Charge

Apiece assigning and lab shall admit a README register that describes the workplace. This description moldiness:

  1. Distinguish what aspects of the study suffer been right enforced and what sustain not.
  2. Distinguish anyone with whom you bear collaborated or discussed the designation.
  3. Say around how many hours you sustain dog-tired complementary the appointment.
  4. Be scripted in either schoolbook initialise ( README.txt ) or in Markdown ( ). No early formats testament be recognised. Delight use all great letters for README

Most Your Tufts CS Story

Any pupil pickings a grade with the Tufts University Section of Computing is disposed an netmail savoir-faire YOUR_LOGIN and 50 MB of web hosting spa. As of this authorship, your e-mail speak and web hosting distance with Tufts CS is eternally. Crucial: victimization Tufts CS resources for malicious (e.g. spam) or commercial-grade purposes (e.g. a inauguration) bequeath solution in explusion from the University!

Tufts CS provides a constellate for Unix logins.

If you deliver not through so already, spark or readjust your Tufts CS Unix invoice at p

With your Tufts CS history, you can make a personal site that leave be uncommitted at:

In club to frame-up your site, you pauperization to make a leaflet called public_html in your habitation directory (which is unremarkably your flow position astern you sustain successfully logged on). This leaflet bequeath look to be the radical of your personal site.

You bequeath set the castigate permissions on your plate directory and the public_html directories. This can be established by execution the undermentioned commands (adopt that your login is lsimpson and your prompt is ):

  1. Log-in to or
  2. lsimpson

/workplace/externalise/ cd

/ mkdir public_html

  • lsimpson
    / chmod 755 public_html (Annotation: 755 is the permissions encipher for exploiter decipherable, writable, and practicable; radical decipherable and practicable; early decipherable and viable)
  • lsimpson

    The nonremittal register for your site mustiness be named indicant.html. Without this register, visitors to your site leave see a itemisation of the files you bear in your public_html directory.

    As you make new files and directories, you moldiness aver that they get the right permissions set. The right scope for all files inside public_html is 644. and for all directories is 755 .

    You can set these by execution:

    / chmod 755 directory_name

  • lsimpson

    / chmod 644 file_name (Line: 644 is the permissions encrypt for exploiter decipherable and writable; clear by radical and others)

  • Likewise, you mustiness modification your abode directory to be workable. That is: chmod 755

    If one of these stairs is not realised, you leave get the 403 fault (condition inscribe)!

    Transport Files From Your Estimator to or via scp on Mac OS X and Linux

    scp firmly copies files ‘tween hosts on a web. To acquire more approximately scp. run man scp on the concluding.

    Say that exploiter lsimpson has two files: forefinger.html and smiley.png in her habitation directory on her local calculator. To conveyance them her public_html directory on she would run:

    Assure Charge Transport via FileZilla (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)

    FileZilla can besides be victimised to transference files from a local estimator to Tufts CS, contrariwise. Be certainly to blue-ribbon sftp for the protocol!


    1. (1 head) All files including directories are in you limited repo YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME of your GitHub bill.
    2. (1 gunpoint) Secondhand Git invariably: committing with meaningful messages and push to GitHub.
    3. (1 detail) A README (e.g. README.txt or ) charge that concisely describes your oeuvre.
    4. (1 spot) Use leastwise 5 rules in one of your CSS register.
    5. (1 spot) All pages fling the functionary HTML5 specifications; warnings satisfactory.
    6. (1 period) All CSS files fling the functionary CSS establishment; warnings satisfactory.
    7. (3 points) The deuce-ace (3) pages with accurate filename. exponent.html. re-start.html. and bio.html
    8. (1 gunpoint) An power.html varlet hosted in your Tufts CS invoice that redirects to your genuine site on GitHub.
    9. (-5 points) You ill-used JavaScript, jQuery, or approximately front-end fabric.
    10. (-10 points) You put-upon a website author such as Jekyll.

    Form and Appointment Policies

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