My E-mail to Developer Programs regarding compulsory Apple ID parole modification

Posted on May 31, 2012

Every tercet months I if I dont, my divided information wish calendars gets out of synchronize and I, beingness the scatterbrain I am, girl events and entropy.

On top of that, the Dev Programs login forms all deliver a cockeyed onpaste impute set so you cant spread the passwords into the cast. This way that on iOS I sustain to switch ‘tween 1Password and Campaign to accede my countersign to log-in.

Im sick with this imbecility. I hardly sent Dev Programs this dainty niggling netmail

When attempting to log-in to the Developer Forums this cockcrow, I was greeted with the all-to-common ask that I modification my Apple ID parole yet again. I get this exact vexing, because I use a man of package called 1Password to father unfeignedly pseudorandom passwords. Every clip I am constrained to update my countersign, I sustain to so circulate to every Apple twist I own and update that watchword altogether my iCloud history settings. If I leave a twist, my calendars wordlessly betray to synchronise and I missy authoritative events. This is insufferable.

But one of the former things 1Password does is tolerate me to simulate and spread my cryptographically-secure passwords from the 1Password app into manakin fields. This makes generating and applying new passwords less awful. Regrettably, mortal has made the decisiveness that Apples developer login pages should interdict pasting into the countersign study. This conclusion is not alone the antithesis of Apples intersection ethos of context up something right formerly and not having to qualify it again, but really decreases the protection of the arrangement. It discourages me from generating genuinely random passwordsinstead, I moldiness sire shorter, pronounceable passwords so I can recollect them as I retype them. On the background, the 1Password Campaign annexe can change the contents of the countersign battlefield immediately, but on iOS I birth no refuge demur to memorise and retype the countersign into the shape.

This outline is bey user-hostile. It betrays utmost incompetency therein it actively encourages users to diminutionthe certificate of the organisation by supporting the use of less cryptographically-secure passwords.

Again, so my substance is pellucid: forcing users to alteration passwords DECREASES the protection of the organization. Prohibiting users from pasting passwords into the login cast DECREASES the protection of the organisation.

Someway, nonentity else at my companionship is mandatory to modification their countersign regularly. I am lonesome cognisant of a few former developers that abide the like counterproductive necessary to actively enter in harming the certificate of the ADC syllabus. Not alone do I need this idiotic limitation upraised from my Apple ID, I wishing it upraised for EVERY former mem of the Developer curriculum.

UPDATE: Apple replied passably blame promptly:

Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Documentation regarding Word requirements and restrictions. I am ineffectual to vary the countersign requirements and restrictions for your Developer Chronicle.

We value that you deliver interpreted the sentence to post us your feedback. Delight be assured that all of your comments get been forwarded to the capture Apple squad.

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