My survey is out!

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you may know that I’m focusing on Social Media these days. Well, I’ve finally completed the proposal and IRB process for my first - very own study - on this topic. It’s a survey on the usage of a variety of Internet communication tools. I launched the survey last Monday, and will close it next Sunday, I’ve received some interesting data, but the more answers I collect, the more robust my analysis can be. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Information Architecture Institute’s Process Grant, I have two $100 gift cards to draw among respondents. You can find and respond to my survey at:

This survey is being distributed in a snowball method, it would be great if you can share the link with your friends. You can RT my twitter invite.


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  1. Marcie Says:

    Hi there - happy to spread the word, was a little confused by the checkboxes where I was to answer who the various ‘tools’ were for, I answered who *I* use them to communicate with, otherwise I would have checked them all :-) Hope that was right.

  2. mantruc Says:


    Thanks for your participation and your feedback.

    You got it right, I’m trying to figure out how *you* use these tools, what *you* think and feel about them.

  3. andrea Says:

    I get a little confussed with some answers. For example I run diferent blogs, one more public (In a national journal) and some more intimate (homeschool experience and Harry Potter fandom participation) of course I don’t share the same level of information about my self in the diferent tools; the same about facebook, I have a “public” one for my students and readers and a more intimate for my friends and family.

  4. mantruc Says:

    Andrea, I see your point. I’m interested more on the personal communication aspect of these tools than the formal-work stuff. My study description page explains how we’ll be discussing these tools, for example:

    “In case you manage multiple blogs, we’ll be discussing your personal blog only.”

    But I know most people just rushed by that. Another option would have been to repeat this in the question but that’s more likely to put people off.

    Thanks for responding and for sending your feedback!

  5. Felipe Says:

    Cuándo vamos a saber lo del sorteo? Alucino con la idea de tener esa gift card!

  6. mantruc Says:

    Felipe, la proxima semana se hace el sorteo, todavia estoy limpiando los datos. Suerte!

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  8. Álvaro Pozo Says:

    Estimado Javier Velasco: participé en su estudio, y luego vi la presentación de los datos en un seminario de AI chile. Cuando contesté la encuesta y cuando presentaste los datos, sugeriste que los resultados serían públicos. ¿Publicaste en algún lugar los resultados de la encuesta? ¿Es posible obtener el cuestionario que realizaste? Saludos, Álvaro Pozo.

  9. mantruc Says:

    Por el momento solo he publicado resultados preliminares en lo que esta disponible publicamente en (Greenberg & Rosson, 2011).

    El analisis completo lo estoy enviando pronto a revisores a ver si es aceptado y publicado. Gracias por el interes.

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