CALA BOCA GALVAO: Brazil games Twitter

You have to give it to Brazilians for having a sense of humor: Since the inauguration of the South African World Cup, they have pushed the tag “Cala Boca Galvao” phrase into the top trending topic, where it’s been standing for a few days I understand. They made up a fake explanation of what this means in order to catch innocent bystanders into their game, and helping the TT float higher. The excuse is that it’s a campaign to save an endangered bird of the rain forest.

There’s also a fake Lady Gaga song preview about this, and lots of people also caught that one. What this phrase actually means is SHUT UP GALVAO, with Galvao being a popular sportscaster in Brazil that people are evidently tired of.

More info:

I think it’s a great example of how a country can game social media just for the lulz!

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  1. Manoel Says:

    The real Galv√£o talks about the real story about #calabocagalvao

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